The #1 Coaching And Support Community for Women Who Want to Get In The Best Shape Of Their Life From the Comfort of Home
Finally get the motivation and confidence to get that fit body for life with a proven plan that works.
The #1 Coaching And Support Community for Women Who Want to Get In The Best Shape Of Their Life From the Comfort of Home
Finally get the motivation and confidence to get that fit body for life with a proven plan that works.
Have You Ever Felt Like This Before?
So maybe you can relate to this…

You get invited to a last minute beach or river trip and your first thought is "Crap!!! I have to be in a bathing suit in front of everyone!?"

Then you start to stress about it, worrying about how awful you're going to look in your bathing suit. What are people going to think when they see you like this?

And then you start thinking about the group photos. You'll try to hide in the back when possible, but you really don't want your squishy body shared all over Facebook or highlighted in a photo album somewhere.

You start to regret all those weekend binges and that pint of ice cream that you had last night following your stressful day at work...

So you decide to hit the gym hard and start a crash diet of yogurt, almonds, and those hundred calorie snack packs. Because starving yourself for the next few weeks is bound to help you lose some extra weight, right? 

Only you find that your body isn't dropping the fluff like it use to a few years ago...

After a week of living off rabbit food and spending endless hours on the elliptical, the scale has barely budged. Now you're more frustrated than when you started!

You must just lack the motivation and nothing seems to work. So why bother anymore? It may just be time to give up forever...

So you tell yourself, "I don’t really want to go on that trip anyway. I have so much to do!" #lieswetellourselves

Well here's the thing. This happens to EVERYONE as they get older... as in you don't have as much free time as you did when you were in your 20's. 

You have kids, a mortgage, a boss, responsibilities and you've managed to put yourself on the back burner

You went from alcohol hangovers to FOOD hangovers... now it's hanging over your pants.

You remember how to workout, but things just don't feel the same anymore and the results don’t seem to be coming as easily as they used to. 

You just wish you had a better plan of what to do. A plan that actually works so you could stop playing the guessing game. A plan you can finally stick to and feel confident about so you could stop feeling like a failure.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. As a busy, driven woman, it’s only natural that life’s stresses and burdens prevent you from getting the fit, toned, healthy body you desire.

If you can relate to ANY of that, I have a solution for you, but first…

Hi, I'm Becky Fox, Former Yo-Yo Dieter And Extreme Exerciser
Hi, I’m Becky Fox, founder and creator of the Foxy Body Club and fitness model and on-camera talent. I've helped 1000’s of women just like you lose the fat and feel more confident about their body.

I even recently sold my gym in Tampa so I could reach more women by taking my passion for fitness online. Heck, I’ve even been in your shoes...

I’ve tried everything from low calorie to low carb to fat burners to spending 2-3 hours a day in the gym...and just about everything in between

I worked so hard for months to lose weight - which I did, well at least sometimes - only to gain it back with a few extra pounds. And as I got older it was harder and harder to get the weight off and keep off. 
If anyone knows about yo-yo-ing up and down, starting over and over again only to fall off the wagon and binge on a pint of Ben and Jerry’s New York Super Fudge ice cream, it’s me.

I get how frustrating and depressing it can feel to be in this vicious cycle. I was even starting to think something was wrong with me!

Finally, I got fed up and decided there had to be another way. And that’s why I made it my mission to figure out a way to lose weight and keep it off without spending hours in the gym or going on another restrictive, starvation diet. And that’s what I want to share with you today!
So Are You Ready To Lose The Fat And Keep It Off For Good?
If you're tired of hopping from diet to diet only to gain the weight back within in a matter of months...

If you're tired of restricting, depriving, and starving yourself while feeling miserable doing it...

If you're tired of spending hours in the gym feeling like a hamster on a wheel...

If you're tired of thinking that you must just lack motivation or that something must be wrong with you...

And if you're tired of feeling like you're alone and no one understands your struggle...

Then I’d like to introduce you to an incredibly special, women's-only support community that you can follow from the comfort of your own home...
Let me show you a little “sneak peek” of what’s inside... 
Introducing The Foxy Body Club 
The #1 Coaching And Support Community for 
Women Who Want to Get In The Best Shape Of Their Life
The Foxy Body Club is the best online workout, nutrition, and support program, that shows you exactly how to get in the best shape of your life, for the rest of your life.

Inside, you’ll find a motivated group of women, ALL working towards building themselves a happier, healthier future… 

And everything you need to get in shape, and stay in shape from the comfort of home on your own schedule! 
Let me show you a little “sneak peek” of what’s inside... 
Here's What You Can Expect...
  • Sustainable, lasting results without having to go on another extreme diet or workout program ever again.
  • Workouts that fit into your busy schedule.
  • Short 20-30 minute workouts that save you time so you have more time to enjoy life.
  • Lose inches and drop clothing sizes while still enjoying foods you love.
  • Coaching and guidance to feel confident that what you're doing is actuallyworking.
  • More energy to keep up with your busy lifestyle.
  • Support from amazing women just like you working toward similar goals.
  • Finally, a plan that fits into your lifestyle instead of changing your life to fit the plan.
Now It's YOUR Turn To Look Amazing Again In The Clothes That Are Hiding In The Back Of Your Closet
I'm So Confident This Is Like Nothing You've Tried Before That I'm Going To Give You Access for 14 Days for Just $1!
I want to prove to you this program is like NOTHING you've tried before...

So for a limited time only you can join us for 14 days for only $1!!

You'll get instant access to EVERYTHING right away, we hold nothing back during your trial, so you can make sure it's a good fit. 

Let me prove to you that this is the BEST fat loss community for women on the internet. Click the button below and join now.

See What Our Foxy Members Have To Say...
These are REAL RESULTS from REAL Women just like you...

"I lost 11 lbs, 6.25 inches, and 2.9% bodyfat in just 6 weeks!"
“I’ve lost 11 lbs, 6.25 inches, and 2.9% bodyfat in just 6 weeks! It’s a great group of ladies, it’s a great source of motivation, and I really feel like my fitness has improved dramatically. I like the routine and the knowledge that Becky shares with us.”
"I love it! There are so many exercises and you don't get bored!"
Patty has lost over 40 pounds in a year and over 5% body fat. She has also lost over 13 inches over her body!   “I love it! There are so many different exercises. I mean, we do burpees, but we don’t do them every day. The format changes so you don’t get bored.” 
"I'm pushing myself to do more than I ever thought I could"
"In the first 6 months, I was dropping pant sizes and I was really dropping weight. But it wasn’t just about getting smaller, I was lifting heavier weights without dying, or feeling like it anyway. That first time I felt like my head was going to explode, now I was pushing myself to do more than I ever thought I could.” 

Here's What You Get Inside The Foxy Body Club
Follow Along Video Workout Challenges ($1200 value)
To train with me in-person one-on-one just 3 days per week would cost $1200/mo
  •  Easy, Simple-To-Follow Workouts You Can Do ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. (There’s no gym required - and you can fit these exercises around your day, in 20-minutes or less)
  •  A Powerful Strategy to “mix up” your workouts each month to ensure your results never plateau
  •  Access to our “Workout Archives”, where you can see past workout challenges, so you're never left without a plan
Coaching Calls, Group Support, & Motivation
It's impossible to put a price on the amazing support you will get inside this community!
  •  Access to our exclusive,  private Facebook Group, so you can connect and get advice and motivation from other women just like you
  • Weekly emails, where we’ll share tips and techniques to help you stay on track, and be your best self
  •  Exclusive weekly coaching videos with Becky, where you can ask questions, get live feedback, and break-through any problems you run into
  •  Plus exclusive discounts and bonuses on other Foxy Body Programs and Challenges.
Nutrition Challenges & Cheatsheets
($600 value)
My private nutrition coaching and accountability program starts at $600/mo
  •  Our printable Getting Started Nutrition Success Guide to kickstart your journey and give you the exact blueprint to staying on track with your nutrition
  • Weekly Healthy Recipes that allow you to easily create food that tastes great
  •  Never count calories again with our easy-to-follow Portion Guide and Grocery List
  •  Bonus Nutrition Challenges and Guides to keep you on track with nutrition without feeling deprived
So you could work with me one-on-one and that would easily add up to over $900 for two weeks for coaching and training.

But it's all yours today inside the Foxy Body Club for just $1 for 14 days!
This can ALL be yours today for only $900 $1!!
Never Feel Alone Again On Your Fitness Journey...Join These Amazing Ladies and Start Your Success Story Today!
When You Join The Foxy Body Club TODAY You're Also Going to Get These ONE-TIME Bonuses You Can't Get Anywhere Else...
You're also going to get access to these special, hand-picked bonuses, not usually available to new-members!

These bonuses were creatd to boost your results… let me show you EXACTLY what you’re getting: 
Bonus #1: 28 Day Transformation Meal Plan, Grocery Guide, & Recipes
 ($149 value)
A full, and complete month’s worth of meal plans, grocery guides and recipes, available to YOU, at the touch of a button. Print them out or save them to your phone or tablet...

However you choose to access them, they’re just a click away - and they’ll allow you to avoid straying off-track, by eating, or cooking the wrong foods! 

Valued at $149 join the Foxy Body Club TODAY, and they’re yours free! 
Bonus #2: Restaurant Cheat Sheet - ($99 value)
This Restaurant Cheat Sheet gives you quick, simple, and honest advice on how to eat healthy, at ALL your favorite restaurants…

And while it’s not designed for to use every day of the week, it’s great for those times when cooking and prepping meals isn’t realistic due to time, work, or family restraints. 

Valued at $99, the Restaurant Cheat Sheet has never been sold before, and CANNOT be purchased separately…
Bonus #3: The 5 Day Travel Fit Plan ($49 Value)
You'll never be left without a workout, even when traveling.

With our 5 Day Travel Fit Plan you can stay on track with your workouts in just 10 minutes a day and with ZERO equipment required.

Valued at $49, join the Foxy Body Club TODAY, and these bonus workouts are yours free! 
Bonus #4: 10 Day Mind & Body Detox ($99 Value)
Reset with the 10-Day Mind & Body Detox. This program is designed to rid your body of built up toxins and wastes, normalize your hormone levels, give you more energy, make your skin glow, and feed and fuel your body so you feel ridiculously awesome.

Valued at $99, you can get yours free when you join today! 
Getting (And Staying) In Good Shape Has Never Been So Easy!
Thankfully, it’s also never been so affordable…

While the Foxy Body Club could easily cost hundreds of dollars each month, today, as a special one-time offer, you can try it out for only $1 for the first 14 days. After your 14 days you'll get access for just $39/month.

And yes… 

For just $39/month, you’ll get access to everything the Foxy Body Club has to offer to get you in the best shape of your life. From the detailed workout plans, to nutrition guides, recipes, to our women's only support and accountability network…  

And, best of all, you can cancel at ANY TIME - there’s no contracts or minimum subscriptions! 

Unlike other membership sites that make you jump through hoops to cancel, all you have to do is send us an email and we'll cancel your membership right away, no questions asked.

And don’t just take my word for it - have a look at what actual members are saying… 
It's Your Turn To Get Real Results Like These...
 "For the first time in 10 years, I'm shopping in the regular women’s department"
"I lost 40 pounds, 19 inches and 7% bodyfat! In just one year! For the first time in ten years, I am shopping in the regular women’s department vs the plus size! I can look in the mirror and see the results.” 
"I never thought that I would lose that amount of weight in this short time!"
April lost over 18 pounds and six inches!
“I’ve lost about 18 pounds and six inches. I never thought that I would lose that amount of weight in this short time! It makes me feel awesome. It makes me want to keep going and work even harder so that I can reach my ultimate goal.”
“I’ve lost 10 pounds without ever feeling like I’m dieting."
“I’ve lost 10 pounds without ever feeling like I’m dieting. Becky guides you toward making new choices with food and exercise, and those little changes add up to one big change you can see. Before I began, I could hardly do a push-up and last week I did 22 in a row!”
So If You're Ready to Toss the Fat Clothes And 
Finally Feel Confident In That Bathing Suit 
Then Join The Foxy Body Club TODAY...
Click the button above, and you’ll be taken to a secure payment page. Once you’ve confirmed your membership, you’ll get instant access to EVERYTHING the Foxy Body Club has to offer…

You'll start your transformation right here, today, rather than looking back and "wishing you had..."

Before long, you’ll find yourself in the best shape of your life. You'll feel more-confident, more-motivated, and happier.

You'll be able to walk into the room (or on the beach) with a new sense of confidence about your body. 

You'll turn heads. People WILL notice the new you.

You’ll be able to STAY in this new, “fitter version of you”, as this isn’t a “get fit and forget” type of program.  


This is going to help you make permanent, positive changes…so you can get and KEEP the body you want and deserve.

So, go ahead. Click below, and start your transformation today...
I Want to Make This A Complete No-Brainer Decision So You Can Get Started Today Worry-Free!
I want you to say yes to joining us in the Foxy Body Club. I want to see you get the fit confident body you want and deserve. That's why I'm going to give you a 100% Risk Free Guarantee!
Click below to get instant access - there’s no risk, and a LOT to gain! 
It's Your Turn, Right Here, Right Now!
If you're frustrated of walking into your closet to find that your favorite clothes no longer fit...

Or you're embarrassed to look at yourself in pictures, it's time to do something different. 

Don't keep going in circles or wishing you had made a choice to finally take care of you.

Give yourself the gift of a fitter, stronger, more confident you right here, right now. You deserve it!

Click the button below and claim your spot today!

I can't wait to see you on the inside!!

Your Foxy Body Coach,
Still Not Sure If This Is A Good Fit? Check Out Our FAQ's Below:
Will this help me get results?
Yes! You'll get all the tools you need to be successful including workouts, nutrition guidance, support, and motivation. Simply follow through and stay consistent and you'll be on your way to losing weight and feeling more confident.
What are the workouts like?
Every workout is recorded as a follow-along video so you don't have to guess that you're doing the exercises right. Workouts average around 20-30 minutes and include strength, cardio, and flexiblity/stretching. Every month on the 1st we post a new challenge as well as bonus videos including body part focused workouts, HITT workouts, travel workouts, and more!
I have specific dietary restrictions. Can I still follow the recipes and meal plan ideas?
Absolutely! Our approach to nutrition is to make it work for you and your lifestyle so you can also swap out ingredients you can't have for ones you can. Most of the recipes are gluten-free, dairy free, and additive/chemical free!
Do I have to be online at a specific time for the workouts?
You don't! We realize your busy and your schedule may vary so all the videos are recorded and available for you to workout anytime it works in your schedule.
What equipment will I need?
You don't have to invest 1000's of dollars in a bunch of fancy equipment or even have a gym membership. We like to keep things minimal! All you'll need are a set of dumbbells, stability ball, and some resistance bands.
I'm a beginner and nervous about getting started. Is this right for me?
Yes! Actually this is great for beginners. We've included a Beginner Workout Series just for you! And during each workout we will offer modifications and always encourage you to work at your own level. Getting started can often be the most challenging part, so having a support group that's motivating and encouraging can really help you stick to your routine and keep you on track!
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