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  • My Secret Strategy to avoid feeling deprived and restricted
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Hi, I'm Becky Fox! 
Weight Loss Expert & Fitness Coach
Hi, I'm Becky Fox, founder of Forever Fat Loss. I help women over 40 lose the the weight in a sustainable way without relying on willpower, yo-yo diets, or hours doing workouts that bang up your body.

Over the last 16 years as a weight loss and fitness coach I've successfully built 2 gyms and my virtual Forever Fat Loss Systems that have helped thousands of women over 40 successfully lose 30, 50, 75+ pounds and keep it off for good.

I've also struggled with my own weight loss challenges, personally having tried nearly every diet out there only to "fall off the wagon" and yo-yo back all the weight I lost (plus more 😔).

And what I've learned to overcome these weight loss struggles is why I'm so passionate about helping other women end the struggle for good.

~ Becky

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